1st XI CAPTAIN ’21

Ryan and Laura Aingworth & family are moving to Wellington, Somerset early next month. It goes without saying that they shall each be missed in so many ways but we (a) thank them so much for all they have contributed to our Club during their time amongst us and (b) wish them well. Ryan, Laura, George and Ruby shall always be more than welcome at MCC for sure!

With his standing down as 1st XI Captain, therefore, it has been necessary for Ryan’s teammates to recently decide on his successor.

After following the relevant procedures set out within the Club’s rules, we can now confirm that Phil Roche has been chosen to succeed Ryan with immediate effect.

Finally, the Management Committee is pleased to announce that Phil will also be fulfilling the important role of the Club’s Junior Section Coordinator from now on. Already a well respected coach of Junior players for many years, “Rochey” will be now be responsible for the coordination of the efforts of all our Junior coaches as they continue their enthusiastic, committed and extremely valuable work in the development of our future Senior players.

Many congratulations, Phil..and good luck!

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