Whilst we await the outcome of one presidential issue elsewhere in the world, there is some news on the home front!

Twelve months ago, Club President Pip George made it known privately to Club Officers that he wished to pass on the baton to someone else after Season 2020 came to a close.

Following the passing of former President Bill Edwards in 2009, Pip eagerly succeeded to the throne. A player for the Club, a former Committee member/Treasurer/Chairman between 1965 and 1985, one of four Trustees of the Club prior to the Club becoming a limited company last year, a Life Member since 1988 for great services rendered, a regular spectator of Senior & Junior games, a midweek visitor to check that the ground staff are actually doing something and, above all, forever loyal, Pip has contributed a great deal during his term of office.

And Pip will most certainly be sustaining his devoted interest in, and support of, the Club he has loved and been immensely proud of for so many years. Thanks, Pip, for all your help as President..enjoy your retirement!

Pip has been succeeded as President of the Club by David Thomas.

The choice was unanimous amongst Committee Members and would surely have been equally well endorsed by those present had we been able to hold our AGM this month. Dave’s own links with our Club pre-date colour television and the moon landing! Following in his father’s footsteps as a Mumbles stalwart, Dave made his playing debut in 1963. A year later he began his career in Club administration when he became Secretary. Our present Chairman took over as “Sec” in 1977, whilst Dave then continued as Assistant Secretary until 2003.

When the Club purchased Marespool in the mid seventies, having played at Underhill Park since forming in 1925, Dave was one of the driving forces beyond this very bold step. Apart from the years of planning & fund raising etc leading up to the purchase and the negotiations with the Duke of Beaufort’s Estate over the purchase itself, Dave then “got his hands well ‘n truly dirty” in the development of the two fields into a cricket ground! Along with others at the time including Pip, DHPT was a true pioneer of the modern MCC! 

Like Pip, Dave Thomas became a Trustee of the Club when  the new ground was acquired, was so deservedly made a Life Member in 2002 and takes his seat at the top of the ground at every home game. Despite his well earned retirement some years ago from Club administrative duties, Dave was very much involved in our project in 2016/17 when the Clubhouse was extended to provide such a popular function room facility. It is certainly true to say that, without Dave’s involvement, energy and enthusiasm, life for the rest of us would have been much harder at that time!

So, we thank Pip George for his much valued and appreciated contribution as President of Mumbles Cricket Club and congratulate, thank and welcome Dave Thomas as his worthy successor!

Two gents of impeccable MCC pedigree..we are so lucky!


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