23rd May 2024 Mumbles CC

VPs 2023

The Club is forever grateful to its Vice Presidents for their loyal following and support each year.

In 2023, the following ladies and gents were Vice Presidents of Mumbles Cricket Club –

Ray Anderson, Neil Andrews, Allan Baglow, Mike Baglow, John Beer, Rosemary Beer, Gary Bevan, Noel Blows, John Blyth, Lewis Blyth, Lynne Blyth, Marcia Blyth, Nick Blyth, Peter Blyth, Henry Booth, Ian Boyd, Haydn Chilcott, Nigel Clarke, Clive Cockings, Lionel Copham, Alun Davies, Andrew Davies, Mitch Davies, Nigel Davies, Lynne Davies, Rhian Davies, David EA Evans, Glyn Evans, Lynn Evans, Alan Gee, Pip George, Dave Gibby, Graham Godwin, Neil Gray, Karl Greenwood, Josie Greenwood, Roy Griffiths, Dave Harris, Matthew Harvey, Mike Harvey, Norman Hixson, Geoff Jones, Martyn Jones, Tim Knowles, Steve Lee, Mostyn Lewis, Gerald Lindenburn, Simon Lloyd, Sue Lloyd, Alan Longhurst, Peter Maddox, Keith Milsom, Christine Norman, Dave Norman, Ted Partington, David Parton, Nik Patel, Roger Phillips, Mohan Pillai, Bob Polden, Mark Portsmouth, Roy Probert, Richard Prosser, John Purnell, Steve Rees, Bruce Roberts, Andrea Roche, Lloyd Roche, Martin Rodwell, Nick Rose, Bill Selby, Huw Simpson, Denis Sims, Mike Staddon, Ceri Straw, Jack Straw OBE,  Alan Sutherland, Barbara Tait, Dave Thomas, Ian Thomas, Mike Thomas, Tony Thomas, Ed Toft, Howard Wade, Denis Webster, Dave White and Clem Williams.

MCC’s annual Vice President subscription is £55. Paid up VPs will each receive bar discount cards, 5 drinks vouchers & an invitation to purchase a ticket for our Annual Dinner (payable separately).