With Senior and Junior cricket about to start in earnest once again next weekend, the Club will, for the first time, be publishing bar opening times for the fortnight ahead, starting next Friday, 28th April.

The arrangements will be posted both on the external Club notice board on the Clubhouse wall facing the carpark and on our social media sites.

And, after all the blood, sweat & tears during the construction process of the last seven months, we want as many members, friends and visitors to enjoy our new facilities as much as possible. Rest assured, all that can be done will be done to achieve this end!

However, kindly bear two very important factors in mind –

1) The Club is managed by a handful of very hard-working unpaid volunteers so, especially in the absence of further volunteers, there may well be a few times when opening the bar will just not be possible, sometimes at very short notice. We are not a pub after all, where regular hours are the norm!

2) Especially during weekday evenings, when weather dictates the extent of cricketing activity on the ground, the Club reserves the right at any time to not open the bar, thus overriding the published times. Similarly, if there is no home Junior game scheduled anyway, the Club may not open regardless of there being fine weather – this will depend on how demand pans out.

Having said all that, please bear with us as we strive to make our facilities available for enjoyment as often as we possibly can!

Cheers, folks..enjoy your summer at Marespool!

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